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Interested in advertising on our website and getting in front of thousands in the sponsorship community? There are several options available:

Email advertising: $299.99/month
On average we receive between 350-400 new members per month.  Each new member receives an email within 24 hours of registering.  It’s on this email that we are offering exclusive ad space for one advertiser.

Website advertising:
Home page ad (exclusive – 1 space): $210/month
Category specific “mini” home page ad: $75/month for 1 page OR $350/month for 1 ad on all 6 pages
Category specific "mini" home page ad for a year: $3000 (value; $4200)
Visitor stats: visitors range on average between 4-6 thousand per month.

SM advertising: $60.00
Facebook (450 group members)
LinkedIn (1250 group members)
Twitter (5786 followers)
Last updated 8/20/12
We will provide a customized mention once on Facebook and LinkedIn, and once per day for a week on Twitter.

For more information regarding availability, please contact a SponsorPark representative at [email protected] and we will be in touch shortly.

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