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SponsorPark is a web-based company committed to supporting people’s passions by connecting sponsors to sponsorship opportunities.  We generate targeted exposure and support efficient partnership sourcing.  So what’s our story?  We spent almost 2 years in market research and development before launching into beta testing in March of 2009, uncovering where the gaps in the industry were and creating an effective solution to bridge those gaps.  We realized that 2 big issues came up consistently. First, there just wasn’t a resource out there that allowed sponsors the ability to proactively find prospective partners specifically aligned to their marketing interests.  Sponsors spent all their time reacting to the sponsorship requests that walked through their front door - most of which weren't even relevant to their needs.  Second, it’s no surprise that it’s possibly the toughest time to sell sponsorships ever; getting in the door with the most appropriate decision maker is no easy feat; not to mention there is a serious disconnect regarding what exactly a sponsor needs to see in an initial proposal before they can consider a partnership.  That’s where we come in.  Our services are summed up in the following description:

Signing up allows sponsorship opportunities to:

  • Create relevant proposals and manage from one account
  • Generate exposure for their opportunity with potential sponsors
  • Connect and correspond with interested sponsors

Signing up allows a sponsor to:

  • Create targeted saved searches you can review now or later
  • Receive alerts of new proposals aligning with your interests
  • Review quality proposals and connect upon interest
  • Use the system to find similar events to compare benefits and pricing

We here at SponsorPark are building our business on the belief that we were created with ambitions and passions with a hope and a future that were meant to be realized.  By making these mutually beneficial connections, talents are realized, businesses are grown, and life-giving communities begin to unfold.

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