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Sponsorship Sales Technology Firms Collaborate to Expand Reach
October 12, 2009 - By: Tom Stipes
Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 7, 2009 -- The power of collaboration between two good companies will work in most all business applications and two products designed to aid the process of buying and servicing marketing sponsorships have joined forces.  SponsorshipPRO+ and SponsorPark have entered into agreement to represent one another in several key initiatives.

SponsorshipPRO+ is the only sales presentation software created specifically for the sponsorship industry and is most commonly used by organizations to develop more effective and innovative post-event reports for its sponsors.  Its digital design allows for more creative content to be shared and for a far more organized approach to locating and storing files of all types, such as multi-media files.

The software has been employed by sports teams, venues, fairs, festivals and events of all sizes such as the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, Atlanta Braves, Super Bowl XLII, IMG College/SEC, Pasadena Tournament of Roses, US Army, Special Olympics and others since its debut in 2004. 

SponsorshipPRO+ President Tom Stipes said, "As our product is priced affordably for events or agencies of any size, it’s critical that we form business development relationships with trusted partners, like SponsorPark, who can help extend our reach as far as possible.  We are very excited to work with them”.

SponsorPark is a comprehensive web tool and is currently free to help sponsors and sponsorship opportunities to connect.   The company is focusing initially on the arts, entertainment, sports, causes and festivals/fairs, but any profit or non-profit organizations seeking sponsors are welcome to participate.  The Web site has over 3,500 registered members, even though its official launch is not set until early 2010.

Emily Taylor, SponsorPark’s Director of Business Development: “We at SponsorPark strongly believe that big things transpire with the right partners, and therefore we are truly delighted to fortify a partnership with Sponsorship PRO+.  SponsorPark is dedicated to making intelligent connections between sponsors and sponsorship opportunities, and we also want to direct our users to the best sponsorship service providers in the industry in order to give them valuable direction in all of their sponsorship practices.  We consider using the software of Sponsorship PRO+ a best practice concerning fulfillment reporting.”

About eBrandedSolutions and SponsorshipPRO+ www.SponsorshipPRO.com:  eBS/SponsorshipPRO+ is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA, created to deliver sales and organizational solutions to niche markets. SponsorshipPRO+ is a first-mover product, offering an affordable and interactive solution that helps users more easily identify, organize and then re-present their critical marketing assets to sponsors using an innovative new presentation format.  Free Trial Versions and live Demos are available.

About SponsorPark  www.SponsorPark.com :  Omaha, Neb.-based SponsorPark is the first community on the Internet bringing together sponsorship opportunities, potential sponsors and all of their related resources in one place.  SponsorPark exists for the purpose of supporting people’s passions by connecting sponsors with sponsorship opportunities.  Follow them on popular social networking sites such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

Visit the Web site to see the current list of organizations seeking sponsors, or to register your sponsorship opportunity or list your sponsorship industry-related business.

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