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SponsorPitch and SponsorPark Team Up to offer seamless service
January 2, 2013 - By: Stephanie Lochmiller

January 4, 2013; St. Louis, Mo;

SponsorPark, a leading platform for posting sponsorship opportunities online, has reached agreement with sponsorship intelligence network SponsorPitch, to include SponsorPitch membership with SponsorPark membership.

This arrangement provides sponsorship seekers a seamless way to increase their visibility while becoming more knowledgeable about industry activity, with the purchase of one online membership, rather than two. 

David Rachell, President of SponsorPark, stated, “This is a very important moment for sponsorship professionals.  Melding these two services creates the complete package.  SponsorPark already increases the visibility of sponsorship opportunities.  SponsorPitch provides our professional members the market intelligence needed to maximize the value of their offerings featured on SponsorPark, and networking opportunities to connect with the most relevant people in the industry.”

SponsorPitch is a powerful intelligence network that tracks the activities of the people and organizations participating in and shaping the $50 billion worldwide sponsorship industry.  The information it provides helps sponsorship rights holders position their sponsorship opportunities to the most appropriate brands, allows brand marketers to see what their peers are doing, and allows sponsorship professionals to network with others. 

Michael Munson, Chief Marketing Officer of SponsorPitch said “We’re excited about providing the SponsorPitch service to SponsorPark members because the SponsorPitch mission is to facilitate the information exchange needed to forge more valuable sponsorships.  This partnership affords SponsorPark members the opportunity to increase their industry knowledge and their chances for sponsorship success.”

“SponsorPark.com is an ideal site for industry professionals to link their sponsorship information with regional and national brands,” said Rachell.  “Having this arrangement with SponsorPitch for our professional members will provide them a way to connect with brands and other professionals that compliment what we’re doing at SponsorPark,” Rachell continued.

The expansion of SponsorPark’s membership services with SponsorPitch begins immediately.  SponsorPark will provide service to both websites for $79.95 per month or with a $524.95 annual fee.  Basic membership on SponsorPark is free and premium memberships start at just $29.95 per month for a single sponsorship opportunity listing.

About SponsorPitch 

SponsorPitch is a business intelligence network for the $50 billion global corporate sponsorship market.  It provides information and insight into the activities of 2,700 brands, over 2,500 sponsorship properties, and over 10,000 professionals in the industry.  It allows sponsorship practitioners access to the information needed to form the most valuable sponsorship relationships as efficiently as possible. SponsorPitch is rapidly becoming a preeminent resource for the industry on all of these fronts. 

About SponsorPark

SponsorPark provides tools and services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sponsorship marketing through web-based services for both sponsorship programs and brands.   SponsorPark.com provides a platform to garner greater visibility for those seeking sponsors through a listing service that is reviewed by brands.  SponsorPark.com also provides a way for brands to seek out sponsorship programs that meet their marketing needs.

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