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SponsorPark.com Partners with HelpGetSponsors.com
June 4, 2013 - By:

June 4, 2013 - St. Louis, MO. – SponsorPark, a leading sponsorship marketing firm, has partnered with HelpGetSponsors.com to showcase innovative sponsorship sales software for SponsorPark members and followers.


The HelpGetSponsors.com cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provides subscribers automated tools to streamline the sponsorship sales and management process.


Many of our customers are first time sponsor seekers,” said SponsorPark President David Rachell. “HelpGetSponsors.com offers SponsorPark customers the tools and road map for a true process to save time and generate more revenue through sponsorship.”


“SponsorPark.com is a great resource for rights holders to cast a wider net for possible sponsors,” said Tom Crichton, Founder of Help Get Sponsors. “By coupling that with the HelpGetSponsors.com platform, rights holders can now confidently place clear data and values to their proposals on SponsorPark.com. That’s why we encourage rights holders to use both tools.”


The HelpGetSponsors.com tools allow subscribers to:


·       Prospect and save sponsor contacts

·       Properly price sponsorships based on an event’s size and reach

·       Create effective, clean, concise proposals

·       Create binding contract sponsorships

·       Creates “to do” lists for each contract to help coordinate sponsorships


Data shows brand managers decline sponsorship offers from poor information and misstated values and pricing of a proposal. HelpGetSponsors.com reduces the likelihood of presenting a poor proposal.


All members of SponsorPark.com receive a free 60-day trial to start, a savings of up to $80. To take advantage members can simply reply to the confirmation for your HelpGetSponsors.com subscription with "SP60FREE."  A free demonstration is also available by emailing “demo” to [email protected]


HelpGetSponsors.com is cloud-based sponsorship sales and management software. It provides its subscribers innovative tools designed specifically for small to medium sized events trying to; seek sponsors, accurately price sponsorships based on industry standards, and create proposals, contracts, and sponsorship task calendars. For more information please visit www.HelpGetSponsors.com.


SponsorPark provides tools and services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sponsorship marketing through web-based products that serve both rights holders and brands.   SponsorPark.com offers a platform to build greater visibility for those seeking sponsors through a listing service that is reviewed by brands, which gives brands a tool seek out sponsorship programs that meet their marketing needs.

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