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Profiles: A Sponsorship Professional Defining Series

by Emily Taylor
6 04 2011

Hard work and good intentions don’t guarantee dollars or donuts; or alternatively stated: It’s best to work harder vs. longer and smarter vs. harder.  There are some people out there that have great hearts and work very very hard at their jobs, but truthfully haven’t a clue about what quality efforts really look like.  They sit back, scratch their heads and wonder why they aren’t seeing results.  There’s a really big difference between an educated professional and a well-intentioned professional.  You can even have both at the same time if you’re lucky.  But you don’t want to be an individual with good intentions without an education.  You might be likable, but you won’t earn respect. 

Now the straightforward truth is that there are some really good resources out there.  Blogs, news articles, books, education tools – if you are passionate about sponsorship and want to stay ahead of the curve you won’t fail from lack of education unless you’re lazy. But reading through tips and news is one thing, sometimes it’s easier to wrap our minds around best practices when we take a look at a profile.  Going over specific characteristics of the type of professional you want to be make it easier to distinguish if you’re there or not.   So we’re going to take a couple of weeks and talk about what these people look like – we’ll go over the profile of the best practice professional and a profile of the poorly prepared professional. 

Now, in preparation for these two blogs (next week will be Stephanie’s Spotlight on Sponsorship, so it will be a couple of weeks before we get started); I’d love to hear from you.  If you have a unique, noteworthy best practice effort or profile characteristic to share, I’d love to highlight it in this profile.  Is there something you practice that’s not typically highlighted that should be?  Is there something you’ve seen done (or that you do) that you would consider pertinent to doing a job well?  Please, fill us in!  Or, the opposite is also welcome – is there a well-intentioned effort that just doesn’t get the job done, or that ends up making you work harder vs. smarter?  Maybe early in your career you learned from your mistakes, or you witnessed some doozies.  Do the sponsorship community a favor and educate us!  Two heads are better than one; I would love to hear your insights.  You can send your insights/feedback to my email address for review at: [email protected].  I’m looking forward to some great profiles!

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