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Spotlight on Sponsorship! Puz Knows How!

by Stephanie Lochmiller
14 03 2012

As a way to draw increased awareness and attention to some of the standup sponsorship opportunities on our site, we’ve set apart one blog per month to put the “Spotlight on Sponsorship”! If you have a premium level listing on SponsorPark, and would like to have your event featured, please contact [email protected] to submit your event, as we are currently looking to fill the remainder of our 2012 Spotlight calendar. This month our spotlight shines on “Puz Knows How”

What is Puz Knows how all about?

Puz™ Knows How is a transmedia series that is designed to teach parents, educators, therapists and children a variety of social skills, self care skills, independence, academic skills and ways to play and have fun by themselves or with others through a television animated series, educational videos, e-Books and e-Comics, interactive games and mobile apps, and webinars.

Puz Knows How started as an idea to instill a love of learning and a strong educational foundation that will enrich the lives of children everywhere. Through educational outreach and continuing research, creators strive to provide proven resources to aid in life skills education. 

What Makes this Opportunity Unique?

The unique demographic of this show really makes this opportunity stand out.  They’re just learning how to tie their shoes, but yet they represent one of the most important demographics in television and it’s estimated that these children watch upwards of 32 hours of television per week, along with their parents and care providers.

Children’s television shows with a pro-social messages can have positive effects on behavior, and provide a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to align their brand with such a positive message.  Childrens shows have the opportunity to become household names, and many are made possible through sponsorship alone. 

Surviving Sponsorshipin a Heated Economy

Because much of their success is dependent upon sponsorship, Puz Knows How creators have partnered with SponsorPark to help broaden their reach and make their sponsor search more specific and targeted.  They also offer a number of different options including television advertising, web based advertising, Parent/teacher resources, and print pieces.

Preferred Partners?

This opportunity offers a unique opportunity to market to both children and adults and essentially any brand that wants to associate with a positive, pro-social message could benefit from building a relationship with Puz Knows How.  To learn more about this opportunity, and others listed on www.SponsorPark.comtake a look at their listing.


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