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The Future of SponsorPark and Pinpoint

by David Rachell
3 04 2012

After months of discussions and ideation to merge SponsorPark and Pinpoint, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks and I wanted to take a moment to convey what our goals are moving forward to support you and your passions. 

Sponsorship marketing is one of the most powerful methods of engaging consumers and research findings continue back this up. Connecting with people at the very core of their passions opens the opportunity for brands to meld with consumers, resulting in preference, intent to purchase and sales.  A 2009 Edelman PR study also proved sponsorship to be the most trustworthy form of advertising; and, in an age of consumer skepticism and major shifts in consumer values, sponsorship is poised to be a leading form of advertising over the next decade.

However, at the grassroots level, there’s room for improvement in how properties and brands activate their sponsorships.  Our focus is to reshape the landscape of  how brands and properties communicate their value propositions. We’re providing platforms for sponsors and properties to exchange best-practices and garner the greatest possible results. This can only be achieved by activating the real benefits of sponsorship and meeting sponsor expectations.

I know that sounds like a lot.  But, at SponsorPark, we assist properties in how to execute more efficiently and create greater results for sponsors through evidence-based practices.  Properties need to learn how to better manage their sponsor’s expectations and select benefits to accentuate their sponsors focus.  

Through Pinpoint SES, our sponsor software tool, we assist brands in shaping their strategy to create more effective sponsorships.  Understanding what types of sponsorships capture their audience’s hearts and minds and, how to communicate that relationship with stakeholders, and activate the relationship through their multiple platforms within their own organization is critical to the sponsorship success, for both the sponsor and the property.

Regional companies need to start using their sponsorship portfolio across multiple channels within their organization to garner greater results.  Sponsorship is not just a marketing function, or a PR function, or a sales function – sponsorship activations need to be a corporate-wide function flowing through the organization’s DNA.

By improving communication and fostering an understanding of the sponsorship discipline through the tools we’re making available, we can change the way properties view themselves and help brands see the true value of sponsorship marketing.

We’re excited for this next step and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us, our properties and their sponsors. Thank you for joining us in this journey.


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