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Spotlight on Sponsorship! SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exposition!

by Stephanie Lochmiller
30 08 2012

As a way to draw increased awareness and attention to some of the standup sponsorship opportunities on our site, we’ve set apart one blog per month to put the “Spotlight on Sponsorship”! If you have a premium level listing on SponsorPark, and would like to have your event featured, please contact [email protected] to submit your event, as we are currently looking to fill our 2012 Spotlight calendar. This month our spotlight shines on the “SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exposition”.

What is SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exposition all about?
SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exposition was established in 1918 as the annual meeting for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and has evolved into THE premier annual event for motion imaging and media technology, production and operations. This year’s Conference & Expo will be held at the Lowes Hollywood Hotel, Oct. 23-25, 2012.

As an accredited industry standards-setting body, SMPTE is also the industry's leading nonprofit association providing technology education and information to the motion imaging industry. SMPTE is all about creation, management, distribution and display of the moving image. This even offers three days of highly technical sessions, a high-tech exhibition hall and unparalleled networking opportunities great for sponsors looking to broaden their reach!

What Makes this Opportunity Unique?
SMPTE 2012 stands apart from other industry conferences by carefully selecting hot topics and notable names in the industry. It is an intimate event with high quality content: Organizations that are looking for a noncommercial atmosphere are drawn to SMPTE as a way to raise their profile, without blatant advertising. Last year, Sen. Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America gave the Keynote Luncheon address. This year, Anthony Wood of Roku has been confirmed to deliver the Opening Keynote.

Surviving Sponsorship in a Heated Economy
SMPTE  has seen changes in sponsorship programs with the changing economy and as a response, have created a wider range of options and price points. Despite the downturn in the economy, they have actually experienced an increase in Conference attendance over the past few years!
SMPTE also turned to SponsorPark to widen their audience to sponsors that may be interested in marketing to their audience, but outside of their immediate industry.  They’ve found an innovative way to find partners they couldn’t have found elsewhere.

Preferred Partners?
Outside of the motion imaging industry, sponsors in the information technology sector and consumer products industries would benefit from partnering with SMPTE 2012. SMPTE Members are highly technical and have an appreciation for the latest consumer technology items.  To learn more about SMPTE visit their SponsorPark listing.

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Measuring Intangibles

by David Rachell
16 08 2012

Every sponsorship opportunity offers a level of intangibility that neither the rights holder nor the sponsor can seem to explain. “People just love the event,” or “it’s part of the community fabric” is often sited. But what value does this really hold? And can it really be effectively measured?



A great example of this are sporting events and teams. Most realize that sports teams carry an unexplainable aura, whether you’re a fan or not. And, there are varying levels of this intangible factor associated with teams. Most would know that Manchester United’s intangibility factors are a bit higher than, say, the Kansas City Royals baseball team (no offense to either).



The same holds true for all types of events and venues; the Toronto Film Fest, Guggenheim Museum or the Shedd Aquarium, all carry varying degrees of indescribable factors that translate into those hard to quantify intangibles.



But is there really such a thing as intangibility or is it just a series of varying metrics that, when combined, make up this so-called effect? For example, events with longevity, congregate large audiences and sustainable fan engagement, and offer experiences found nowhere else within their market space can all be measured toward answering what is an intangible factor.



Manchester United has many intangibles that make it THE Manchester United. Consider that the club has been around since 1878 and has a winning tradition by no means makes it impossible to measure how that is valuable to a sponsor. A large fan base of an estimated 600 million fans is more than quantifiable . Plus, the organization powerfully markets their brand internationally and is protective of their licensing. Compared to a world of teams within the same industry space, Manchester United has very measurable factors that are attributable to their dominance – quantifying those factors often called “intangible.”



Other measurable factors of so-called “intangibility” could include whether a sponsored property has organizational support to properly activate the relationship. A property with a high number of staff and volunteers to execute relationships ensures better organization on the ground. Properties that can report on sponsor results offer greater credibility.



These are just a few quantifiable factors that can be used to create an equation for determining what value a property brings to a sponsor. It’s important to understand, as a property rights holder, what needs to be accentuated in proposals to increase sponsor value. Highlighting these factors in a proposal can showcase values beyond the traditional benefits.



For brands, it would be helpful to create a matrix to assist in evaluating what various factors are organizationally important for the brand. These quantifiable factors can determine how a property’s “intangibility” can be evaluated for potential ROI.


Because these factors can actually be identified, they can also be weighted for value offering a greater understanding of a property’s intangibility factor. So, there’s no need to guess on the “intangibles” and their value to your brand.

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