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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

by Emily Taylor
6 10 2009

Or hear it, or tweet it, or blog about it...  the point is to send your message!  We live in a society where the options of marketing are busy and endless.  Through viral marketing via You-Tube or social networking sites, sponsorship marketing, advertising via traditional media using radio or billboards and television, nontraditional media, blogging, emailing, wrapping vehicles, and internet marketing on Adwords or press releases… the list goes on!  The truth is that it’s important to know that with such accelerated connectedness it’s imperative that you as a sponsorship opportunity representative come up with a well thought out action plan to promote your property and your sponsorship partners through media and broadcast exposure. 

My husband was recently at the Sprint Cup for Nascar in Kansas City, and he was taking notes on the sponsorship activation going on around the event.  There was a gas station that had large signage and billboards they used to welcome fans to the event as the official sponsor.  My personal favorite and the mother ship of marketing your sponsor to drive loyalty of the fans is the wrapping of the cars at Nascar.  The M&M car is my favorite… couldn’t honestly tell you who drives it, but I’ll root for him just because I love chocolate!   

It’s part of effective activation discussions to be able to intelligently answer the question of how you are going to capture the attention of your target audience and send them a message that they will actually hear and respond to.  It would be wise to include such information in your proposal with details around how you are going to do 2 things:

1- Use media/broadcast mediums to capture the attention of your target audience and get them to take desired action regarding your property and sponsor. Ex: Do you have an event? How are you going to drive traffic to this event?  If company ABC is going to invest as a partner, they need to know you have an active audience who will be attending.
2- Create a platform for your sponsor and meet the need they have in mind – whether it’s driving traffic, promoting sales, or creating loyalty by affiliating them with as your partner. 

Obviously the first order of business is to ensure that the audience you’re reaching is in fact the audience your sponsor wants to reach – we discussed that in a previous blog.  The second order of business is to determine how exactly you’re going to reach them, and how are you going to construct a marketing campaign that meets your needs and the needs of your sponsor. 

A best practice to keep in mind is that if you can attract a media sponsor, you can leverage them as a resource for your other sponsors.  This cross partnership idea creates stronger partners and more loyal partners.  Aksarben’s River City Roundup is held here in Omaha, Nebraska, and they have used cross partnership in their efforts for several years, as we recently learned about at their sponsorship summit.  Signs By Tomorrow is a local marketing company who participated as a partner and then proceeded to handle much of the signage at the event for other corporate partners.  

Are you sending out a newsletter or targeted email?  Make sure to include details around the possibilities your sponsor can take advantage of, what size their logo will be seen and via what medium.  Speak measurably by underscoring the breadth of exposure they’ll receive for each particular marketing medium you’ll include them on.  Ask them questions about what they want to accomplish when you sit down with them to negotiate a partnership and develop creative activation strategies that meet these goals through your media efforts. 

Bottom line – generating awareness and building a platform for your property and sponsors via media, broadcast exposure and various other forms of marketing is critical.  Carefully consider how you are going to harness the power of the connectivity of the times we are in and communicate this in your sponsorship proposal.



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