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Spotlight on Sponsorship! Life is but a Dream

by Stephanie Lochmiller
13 04 2011

As a way to draw increased awareness and attention to some of the standup sponsorship opportunities on our site, we set apart one blog per month to put the “Spotlight on Sponsorship”! If you have a premium level listing on SponsorPark, and would like to have your event featured, please contact [email protected] to submit your event, as we are currently looking to fill our 2011 Spotlight calendar.  This month our spotlight shines on “Life is But a Dream”.
What is “Life is But a Dream” all about?
Life Is But a Dream is a motion picture event that will feature a talented cast of actors and an original music score that promises potential of winning an award. This will be the first feature-length film release for TrackstarPro Entertainment, a newly formulated production company. However, the people behind this particular project are experienced and well educated, making it possible that the release can be more than a success.
The film, written by Gus Carter, features Roxanna Hernandez as the leading actress. Roxanna has a resume that proves her to be well accomplished as an actress and model. She has been featured in a variety of major movie releases, movies made for television (MOW), the NBC hit series, Just Shoot Me, and guest stared in Love Boat: The New Wave.

What makes this opportunity unique?
There are three distinctions that set Life Is But a Dream apart from many others. First is the intent for which this film is being produced. It is being designed specifically to appeal to a broad and diverse group of people. Too often independent filmmakers tend to cater to extremely small specialized groups of people, limiting the demographic of the potential audience. Life Is But a Dream is being produced with the intent of getting major distribution to a much larger; and carefully following industry guidelines makes major distribution certainly a goal within reach.
Secondly, the initial marketing plan for this project is one that mimics those that have already proven success. The finished product will be marketed to movie executives through trade magazines, conventions, film festivals, and private screenings. And will allow public marketing to be handled by the experts at the proper time that it should be done. TrackstarPro Entertainment adopts the principle that premature exposure or mishandled marketing of motion picture projects can potentially spoil the chances of winning over a mass audience, and they are working to be sure that doesn’t happen with this opportunity.
The third reason Life Is But a Dream will stand out from the rest is that producers are taking a patient approach to putting this project together. Instead of rushing to complete it and taking the risk of cutting corners, our production team has agreed to seek the consultation and leadership of a noteworthy Executive Producer. This strategy is one that is sure to gain favor with major film distributors, sponsors, and eventually the audience.
Surviving Sponsorship in a Heated Economy
Research and pure observation leads to the realization that sponsorship programs across all industries are on a decline due to the economy.  And, the sponsorship pool is simply getting smaller as corporations are either budgeting for less or eliminating sponsorships altogether.  According to Executive Producer, Gus Carter “The best way to address this challenge is to raise the bar in offering incentives. I am well aware that the current trend is to find creative ways to balance sponsorship reluctance with greater benefits for the sponsor. One of the benefits Life Is But a Dream offers is noncompetitive ad opportunities and testimonials to be incorporated within the film.”                      
Preferred Partners?
According to Carter, the three main categories that could benefit from a potential partnership are beverage, automotive, and apparel and accessories. With the project still in its growing phase, it offers new partners a chance to customize their partnership and grow their success along with the film. To learn more about this opportunity visit their SponsorPark Listing.

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