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The Next Level at SponsorPark

by Emily Taylor
29 02 2012

We’ve got some exciting stuff going on over here. I’m honestly bursting at the seams to tell you all about it too.  The last several months our team has been meeting about how we can take SponsorPark to the next level.  We’re asking questions like, what do our customer’s want?   How can we add value to the experience of sponsorship opportunity reps and sponsors?  How can we get more measurable and effective with our reporting?  What does the next level of service and value look like?  Well, we’ve been answering those questions, developing the site to reflect those items, and in a matter of days, you’re about to see some added value to your experience with us.

One big piece to this next level is SponsorPark’s merger with Pinpoint; a sponsorship marketing evaluation firm founded by David Rachell.  Pinpoint has a real strength of service with sponsors, and with this merger sponsors will have an even more effective method of evaluating the most appropriate sponsorship opportunities based on their goals and objectives; and the sponsorship opportunities listed on SponsorPark are going to have even more sponsors seriously evaluating their proposals.  With the merger we will have new talent communicating with our members, and we’re hiring for additional positions.  So we’re ready to work even harder for our clients.

And there’s more.

We’re swimming in ideas for site improvements, and some of those ideas we’re not quite ready to talk about, but for starters, here’s a handful of changes you’re going to see very soon:

  • A total site proposal clean up.  Long story short is that there are quite a few proposals that reflect a time period that has come and gone.  We’re ready to declutter.  We’re going to make sure that we give all clients a heads up when their proposal is about to expire, and give the opportunity to make the necessary edits to reflect a current listing.  But no matter what, if you see a proposal on SponsorPark, it will be current; making SponsorPark an even more valuable and relevant place for sponsors to check you out.
  • Proposal reviews: not only do we want to give clients an easier way to review how many reviews their proposal has seen, but we want to make sure those reviews are more trackable. We also want to protect our client’s privacy, so that not just anyone visiting the SponsorPark website can take a look at your proposal.  We’re rolling out some enhancements that will meet all of those needs – stay tuned!
  • A more diverse blog perspective: you’ve heard a lot from me and from Stephanie.  While the blog has been highlighted from various other experts as a go-to sponsorship best practice must read; we want to make it even better.  We believe the best way to do that is to hear from other professionals with other areas of expertise within the industry.  So we’ll be posting some blogs with varying authors to improve a diverse perspective.

Our commitment and deep desire is to grow into a place where we’re a leading resource in the industry.  We’re taking big steps to make sure we’re moving into the next level.  It has only been a short few years since March of 2009 when we first launched into our beta test, and we’ve consistently grown leaps and bounds.  We’re ready to plunge forward and become and even more efficient solution for your sponsorship needs.  Needless to say, we’re excited.

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11/2/2013 3:48:01 AM #

Although the new design is equipped with a new media room and technology hub, the place does still have paperback books for those who are wondering.

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