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Spotlight on Sponsorship - All-City Sports and Information Network

by Stephanie Lochmiller
14 07 2015

As a way to draw increased awareness and attention to some of the standup sponsorship opportunities on our site, we’ve set apart one blog per month to put the “Spotlight on Sponsorship”! This month our spotlight shines on the “All-City Sports and Information Network.”

What is “All-City Sports and Information Network” all about?
The All-City Sports and Information Network is an organization that produces and broadcasts sporting events for youth throughout the Metro-Milwaukee area, the state of Wisconsin and the upper-Midwest of the United States of America. The networks primary goal is to give underprivileged youngsters who participate in grade school, middle school, high school and college sports a chance to show their athletic skills to parents and peer groups through the medium of television. In order for such a community system to work, The All-City Sports Network will provide the facilities, equipment, and channel space for young people to showcase their mental and physical skills. The other element the channel will strive to assist local viewers in the understanding of how local government works and how to utilize city services, and how activities of the community helps youth.

What makes this opportunity unique?
The physical fitness and character building benefits of sports are well known. Athletic activities provide a wholesome outlet for youthful energy while at the same time developing pride, confidence and self-discipline. Most importantly, athletics develop the competitive spirit so essential for success in all walks of life. This is the prime purpose of the All-City Sports Network, the desire to achieve in other areas make youngsters more receptive to educational and employment opportunities that occur because we give hands on opportunities working with video equipment at the network.

Preferred partners?
These events attract a loyal, active group of area youth and spectators. Brands interested in associating their name with positive, wholesome entertainment should look no further.  Sponsorship packages range from hospitality benefits and collateral and onsite engagement and logo placement.  Packages can be customized to run several times per year.  Learn more about this opportunity by visiting their SponsorPark listing today.

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