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General Questions

Q: What is Sponsorship?
A: Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between two parties.  Sponsorship is a partnership.  It is often used by companies as a method of marketing to a targeted audience by partnering with an organization / event / athlete / program / cause, etc. In return the sponsorship opportunity, or property, is supported in their efforts as well.  The affiliation is meant to support each party's efforts in a stronger way than they would have been able to do independent of each other. 

Q: What is the success rate of a match being made?
A: Over the last 12 months we have seen over 40,000 proposal reviews, which mean sponsors are actively searching the site.  We currently have over 10,000 sponsorship opportunities registered with us, and about half of those have current, active proposal listings.  These statistics paint a good picture of the exposure we generate for our clients - and your odds of quality exposure improve with an upgraded listing (Premium or Professional) for the reason that you're within the top tier of results to come up for a sponsor's review and you're able to offer significantly more thorough and relevant information.  It's tough for us to measure the success rate of connections that see fruition simply because we're not involved in the sale process beyond the exposure and connection.  But we do hear about successes, and in fact will have testimonials/case studies posted soon. If you are interested in offering your testimony for a connection that you made here on SponsorPark, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Q: How can I advertise on SponsorPark?
A: Advertising on the homepage is currently priced at $100/month. Advertising on the category specific mini homepages is currently priced at $50/page, or $200 for all mini home pages.  Please contact us at: [email protected] for details on availability.
If you're interested in posting on our resources page (sponsorship marketplace), there is currently no cost as these referals are considered a value add to our members; simply contact us at the above listed email address for more information.

Q: How can I offer feedback, personal testimony of experience, or present a press inquiry?
A: For any of these interests, please contact us at: [email protected].

Q: How much does it cost to become a member?
A: Our services are free for the use of sponsors.  If you are a sponsorship opportunity representative, you can review the package options when you register with us by clicking the sign up button above. 

Q: Do you offer consulting services or any support in other sponsorship related efforts?
A: SponsorPark is fast becoming a go-to resource as a sponsorship marketplace. The primary function of our site is to generate targeted exposure of sponsorship opportunities for sponsors' review; but we also offer sponsorship best practice education within our weekly blog; and keep you updated on current sponsorship related news in our "news" section on the homepage.  We're also quite active in social media and invite you to connect and interact with other sponsorship professionals via our communities on twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. All of these efforts serve our purpose of offering sponsorship best practice education, promoting valuable interactions, and updating around industry specific happenings.  

We also encourage you to visit our resources page to check out other partners and resources who offer valuable sponsorship related services complementary to our own. If you'd like to be included on the resource page, please contact us at: [email protected] with a request to be considered.

Sponsorship Opportunity Questions

Q: What is the process of creating a proposal?
A: You will complete a 7 step process of creating a proposal.  There are yellow light bulbs next to many of the fields which indicate a tip, you can view the tip by clicking on the light bulb.  The fields within each step were chosen because during our market research phase, we found them to be the information most relevant to sponsors who are evaluating an investment option with a sponsorship partner.  The time to completion will vary depending on how quickly you can uncover and compile the information relevant to your opportunity. 

Q: Do I need to answer each question in the proposal template?
A: You are not required to provide information for all questions posed in the proposal templates.  We do strongly encourage you to do so in order to maximize the potential of connecting with a sponsor.  If you attempt to save and continue without completing a required field, the required field will be indicated with red text next to it, and you will be unable to save and continue until you complete it.  Please note; we realize that some customization will most likely be required later on (especially in the package and benefits section), but in order for a sponsor to consider you as a potential partner, they need a starting point to reference.  Keep in mind that considering the state of the economy, sponsors need more meaurable information to support their interest in partnering with you - accountability is more important now that it ever has been.

Q: How soon will my sponsorship opportunity be listed?
A: Within 24 hours of submission.

Q: Can I update or edit my proposal once I have posted it?
A: Yes, when you sign up you will have an account with us where you can manage your proposals including any editing or reviewing of contacts which have been made.

Q: How can I become a featured listing?
A: Eventually this will be an option you can purchase as an upgrade; for now, if you purchase a premium or professional package with us and are interested in greater exposure, you can contact us at [email protected] to indicate interest and request more information. 

Q: Can I contact sponsors individually?
A: For the purpose of maintaining active sponsors on our site, we do not provide the contact information for sponsors on SponsorPark in order to grant them anonymity in their proposal reviews.  If you are made aware of a particular sponsor’s involvement on the site through any means, it is up to your own discretion to contact them with your own efforts and time; SponsorPark will not facilitate the contact for you unless the sponsor indicates interest as well. 

Q: How do I know who is reviewing my proposal?
A: Currently we do not offer the names of sponsors who have reviewed your proposal until they indicate interest in learning more about your opportunity.  Once a sponsor indicates interest in your opportunity, you will receive an email notification in your private communication portal which allows you access to correspond with the interested sponsor. 

Q: Can I have multiple proposals listed at once?
A: Absolutely!  There are package options offered specifically for this purpose.  Review the Premium Package, the Professional Package, and the Unlimited Package to determine which fits your needs best.  You can do this by clicking the “sign up” button above.

Q: I have a promo code, how do I use it?
A: If you have received a promotional code, you are able to input the code once you select a package option in the checkout process.  You are only able to use one promotion code at a time.

Q: What package option should I choose?
A: Ultimately, this is a question only you can answer, but here's some quick insights:
Basic package: This option is good for those with little to no budget for connecting with sponsors.
Premium Package: The majority of our users will likely choose this option (1-2 proposals)
Professional package: For agencies or opportunity representatives with multiple opportunities (3-20)
Unlimited Package: For agencies or opportunity representatives with more than 20 proposals. 

Q: Should I purchase a month to month listing or an annual listing?
A: The Premium package and the Professional packages give you the option of either a month to mont listing or an annual listing; again, this is ultimately a question you'll have to answer yourself based on your specific needs, but here's some insights to consider:
The annual option: This choice will fit the needs of most sponsorship opportunities. If you have an annual event or ongoing sponsorship opportunity, we recommend this option for you.  It breaks down to a better monthly rate, and it allows your proposal exposure to potential sponsors in varying stages of interest. Bottom line – it’s better exposure.   
The month to month option is good for those sponsorship opportunities that are a one time opportunity, and it’s less than 10 months away.  The monthly package is a recurring payment, so it’s easy to manage.

Q: There's not a subcategory option that best fits my proposal - what should I do?
A: We have chosen subcategories based on what w have researched to be the most popular set of sponsorship opportunities; however, this doesn’t mean we won’t be adding to them.  We encourage you to first chose the option that best fits your opportunity (even if that is “other”), so that we can post your opportunity sooner than later.  Then send us your feedback to [email protected] indicating the subcategory you would like to see.  We take our site member’s comments quite seriously and it will be considered for future stages of development.

Q: How will my financial investment be used to draw sponsors to the site in order to review proposals?
A: We are investing large portions of our budget into aggressively pursuing sponsors in a number of mediums. We've optimized our website to the search engines so that is found quickly by sponsorship decision makers within their typical online searches, we are heavily advertising on search marketing (Google, Yahoo!, etc.), we send out email campaigns, make phone calls, are utilizing social media and maker personal presentations to companies interested in learning more about how they can connect with sponsorship partners on SponsorPark.  For significantly less than a dollar a day your investment enables us to seek out these sponsors on your behalf - no retainer, no commissions, no finder's fee. 

Q: I prefer sending sponsors customized proposals. How can I use SponsorPark and still do this?
A: We are very pro customization and are NOT replacing that effort.  What you’re doing with SponsorPark is creating a skeleton proposal, the most foundational and extremely relevant details are provided to potential sponsors so they can determine if you appear to be a fit; at which time you can discuss the option of customization. We help you get your foot in the door with the most appropriate potential partners, from there you can creatively customize according to both of your needs/interests.  We do recommend that when you complete your proposal, you specify the fact that you are in favor of customized partnerships, knowing that every company has different interests and ideas for activating the most mutually beneficial and unique relationship.

Sponsor Questions

Q: Do Sponsorship Opportunities have access to my contact information?
A: No.  They can communicate with you through our private communication portal via email only after you have initiated interest by clicking the "contact this opportunity" button on their proposal.  It is left to your discretion to offer up your contact information.

Q: What level of sponsorship does SponsorPark cater toward?
A: SponsorPark caters to a wide range of sponsorship as indicated by our listed opportunities.  Whether you are looking for local sponsorship opportunity within your community or you have interest in much larger scale partnership, you will find a range represented on SponsorPark.  You can search according to your specific criteria - keep in mind that saved searches make you even more opperationally efficient as we will automatically send you our highest quality proposals which match your interests.  You don't have to log in every day to review optimal results.

Q: Can I save searches?
A: Yes.  Once you join, you are able to save searches and have results matching your criteria sent to you at your discretion.  You will be able to manage multiple campaigns with independent searches under your account.  The advanced search tool will also continue to become more and more targeted as the community grows.  We advise you to start with broad searches target more specifically as you go.

Q: How do I contact an opportunity if I am interested?
A: As a member, if you conduct a search which leads to interest in a sponsorship opportunity; all you have to do is request the contact information be provided by clicking the “contact this opportunity” button on their proposal and we will immediately offer it to you.  Once you click the button you are offered their direct contact information and you are also given the option to send them a personal email with you questions or comments through our private communication portal.  Your contact information is still protected, but they are able to reply after you through our communication portal.  If you are not a member, we will not be able to provide the information in order to protect the privacy of our members.

Q: How do I discontinue correspondences with an opportunity if for some reason they do not match my campaign needs?
A: If you have already started corresponding with an opportunity and uncover information that reveals they would not be the most optimal match for your campaign needs, we prompt you to simply send a message giving feedback and unless you initiate another contact with them, your correspondences will be discontinued.

Q: Can I manage searches for multiple campaign interests?
A: Absolutely.  You have the ability to manage as many campaign specific searches as you like.  Simply create a new campaign search and you can alter the search criteria accordingly.

Q: Is there a way I can be contacted when new proposal listings match my preferences?
A: Yes.  When you create a saved search you have the option to be contacted with new results on either a daily or weekly basis.  We will only contact you when there are new listings for your review that match your preferences.  This makes your campaign management much simpler - you need only check back when we contact you unless you want to begin a new saved search.  This means you need to add us to your safe sender list in order to receive email notifications from us.  Keep in mind we will soon be adding new search criteria to our advanced search to enable you to refine and target your searches.

Q: This service being offered for free sounds too good to be true - what's the catch?
A: We get this a lot!  We offer this resource free for your use for several reasons; one of which being that your presence on SponsorPark is what makes our connection system work; when you review and interact, opportunities come.  We also know that you're bombarded with sponsorship requests - we want to make it easy for you to target and review opportunities specific to your needs.  Upon interest you can request a customized proposal, which makes for an efficient partner sourcing experience.  You can believe it when we say we’re truly interested in supporting your passions by making you more proactive in researching your best possible partners– you have nothing to lose, not one penny.