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As a leader investigating sponsorship marketing, you have a passion to build your business. You want to reach your target market effectively, and SponsorPark can introduce you to the most mutually beneficial relationships. The truth about today’s consumer is that we are emotionally driven, we are loyal to what hits home, and traditional marketing efforts are no longer as effective. Sponsorship works. Today's smart sponsors are proactive, "out of the box" thinkers. With SponsorPark, operational efficiency is maximized with our simple and effective national search tool. We've streamlined search efforts, so you can maximize your time and creativity. Your investments in sponsorship become significantly more intentional, and your clients begin identifying your brand with the best of the best marketing. With a world glued to the web and business leaders ready to be proactive, SponsorPark is your best web-based option in sponsorship marketing.

Sponsor membership: Sponsor members of SponsorPark realize many benefits besides brand enhancement. We know in the end you will be investing your dollars for the partnership, and we know you'll find the sponsorship opportunities that match your passions. With that in mind, we offer the service to you free of charge. Membership offers:

       Ability to conduct a nationwide search of the of sponsorship opportunity proposals matching only what you have communicated as your criteria, and the customizable ability to request the matching results be sent to you via e-mail within your desired reporting timeframes, such as weekly or monthly, etc.
       The ability to manage multiple searches In the event that you are searching for sponsorship opportunities catering to multiple campaigns with varying target markets.
       Contact information of the sponsorship opportunities you are interested in speaking with and gaining additional insight into the potential partnership.
Use SponsorPark as a comparative analysis with properties in your current sponsorship portfolio against programs available in SponsorPark.  Are the benefits in line with what you're receiving now?  Are there activation ideas that may support you?  Are there better opportunities in your target areas that would be more effective that what your relationship offers currently?
       Your contact information is private, meaning that it is in your discretion to pursue an opportunity, and you will not be bombarded with requests you’re not interested in. This is meant to be a tool for you to use to intentionally outsource, so we protect your information carefully.

If you are not a registered sponsor, you will not have the capability of multiple saved searches nor the automated option of having the results of your campaign interest sent to you, or the contact information of your search results, although you can browse the sponsorship opportunities currently within your search query.

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