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“Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.”  George F. Will

As an athlete you utilize your body and mind to reach for victory.  The race of athletic employment means highly intentional training, knowing your potential, and jumping off that cliff called risk to get to the next level of success.  Your efforts inspire, motivate, energize and you connect with people in a way that can make you a hero, a mover and a shaker, a must see.  Why do people watch sports and why are people inspired by athletes?  Because in sports, athletes and teams throw off everything that hinders in order to persevere towards the prize, which when rightly earned brings with it loyalty, respect, and a voice.  And although much is required from an athlete to do well, there is more to it.  An athlete rises above their competition through support and community, and without it there is only so far you can go.  A sponsor that shares your values, and who reaches the same people you do can open doors for you and you for them so that the mutually beneficial relationship prospers.

Sponsors, you know that there is a unique emotional connection directed toward an athlete or team and their community - which also might be your target audience.  Chances are you or someone you know would give their right arm for tickets to the right ballgame, sports activity, or competition.  Sponsors, wouldn’t you love your brand to be connected with the intense loyalty of those fans?  The goal is to find the right athlete, team, grounds or event that captures the attention of the very audience you also want to befriend, and what better way than to do it than through sports sponsorship?  This way you can sit with your target market in the stands and create a unique connection through a dialogue instead of a monologue - which invites their loyalty and casts your brand image in a favorable light.  So while you are building the dream you have for your brand, you are enabling a dream to come true for an athlete.  It’s the only race in which all runners win.