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Sponsorship seekers are a devoted group. Many of you have committed time, effort, and money to see your dreams realized or your organization grown through sponsorship. SponsorPark helps you achieve unimaginable heights when the right connections are made. 
Sponsorship is becoming a preferred method of marketing, and due to its success, it is growing rapidly every year. Businesses are wisely opening up their pocketbooks for sponsorship because today’s world likes innovative, emotional connections in marketing. If you've sought sponsorship in the past, you may have been expected to jump through many hoops just to get your foot in the door only to learn your target is not the best fit for you. It’s tough work to get an audience with a potential sponsor, much more so if you want the most mutually beneficial relationships. Sponsors are busy people, and so are you. SponsorPark enables you to reach sponsors proactively and effectively. We take your vision and deliver it to sponsors you might never have been able to reach before, and provide more exposure and more options than you ever thought possible. We pave the way and support your passions by helping you reach more sponsors in less time, by enabling you to present your opportunity in a sophisticated manner, and by connecting you with the right person in the right place at the right time.

Currently, SponsorPark offers several package options for membership, and we encourage you to choose the one that fits your opportunity needs the best. Currently, we're offering all packages at 50% off. Sign up now to take advantage of this limited time offer! 

Here are a few services that SponsorPark offers sponsorship opportunities:
       A step-by-step proposal template including the most relevant information sponsors have indicated as critically important
       Instead of completing and sending out one proposal per company of interest, you will have the ability to complete one proposal which will be sent to and viewed by countless potential sponsors
       Private email communication portal which you can use to correspond with interested sponsors.
       Daily auto-matching and alert messaging to potential sponsors on your behalf
       Access to educational resources such as our blog, and discounts to services provided by our partners!

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